Bookings (General Info)

Waverley Cinema allows you to make a booking for your chosen film. Bookings at Waverley Cinema are provided free of charge, so you will never have to pay a booking fee. Booking your seats in advance has a number of benefits.

Provided seats are available, you are guaranteed seating. By booking in advance you enable us to serve you better, more staff will be rostered when shows are particularly busy.

We allocate seating and usher you to your seat when we are busy. Quieter sessions will have you choosing your own seats when you enter the cinema.

You may 'request' seating preferences, when you phone book your tickets and we will endeavour to help with your request however it is not always possible.

We will always allocate you the BEST AVAILABLE seats for the session of your choice.

Please remember that Theatrette 3 & 4 have just 52 seats each, so be sure to book ahead for any session upstairs, to ensure there are seats available at the time.

You avoid disappointment on arrival if your chosen film is:

  • Sold out
  • Booked out
  • Only has front row seating left
  • Cancelled due to complications beyond our control.

Bookings are always recommended but not compulsory. However by booking, you receive all the benefits listed above. You may book for any session that we have listed as confirmed in our schedule.

There are three ways you can make a booking at Waverley Cinema:

Bookings should be picked up 15 minutes prior to the advertised show time. If you have not picked up your seats by show time, they may be sold to people waiting in the queue.

Waverley Cinema understands that things do not always go to plan, if you are strapped for time, or you are stuck in traffic please phone and let us know. We will be able to hold your seats in such circumstances.