Create Group Events and
Fund Raisers the easy way...
Click here to see how easy it is to do online
Or telephone our Boxoffice to set it up for you.
9803 3671     9803-2911
You simply select a Movie that you feel will appeal to your club
School community etc.
Then you select a Date and Approximate time
And finally decide on your event ticket price
That's it - you're organised
We do it all for you from this point on apart
from the promotion of the event to your community
[1].. We will provide you with an online booking plan

[2].. We manage your bookings or sales - you do not have to worry about handling money

[3].. We provide regular updated reports on the event's progress

[4].. We communicate with your event patrons to advise them of session times etc

[5].. At the conclusion of the event we remit your profit to your nominated bank account.

We just cannot make it any easier than that

The only requirements are that you promote the event to your community
and that the event must reach a minimum of 15 ticket sales.

If the minimum cannot be reached we will contact everyone
that has booked and advise them that the event has been cancelled.

For most clubs reaching this low minimum should not be an issue.

IMPORTANT! Payments for event tickets are NOT taken
UNTIL the event "Interest" total has exceeded the minimum of 15.