Movie Event Fundraising.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can we select a film to be screened?
We can only screen the current release films that we have contracted to play.
We are not in a position to offer one off screenings of special releases, independent films,etc
Can we book a block of seats at a discount?
Most certainly - this is the way that many clubs raise money. You can book a minimum of 15 seats at any session (Excluding Saturday evening) for the low group booking price of $7
Many clubs also use an event ticketing service such as to process their ticket sales.
This is the best option for experienced Fundraisers as they can tailor the event to best suit their requirements.
We require settlement three days prior to the event.
Many clubs prefer the hassle free Instant Event format (see below)
Do you donate Movie Tickets for Trivia Nights, Raffles, etc?
Unfortunately due to contractual arrangements with our film distributor partners we are extremely limited in the number of passes that can be made available for this purpose.

It is for this reason that we developed the "Instant Event Movie Fundraiser" concept to allow community groups the opportunity to use the latest release movies in their fundraising efforts.

We do however supply Trivia Night, etc Passes to our Fundraising partners on request.
Instant Movie Events are simply a movie session that a fundraising group has selected to promote to their community as a fundraiser
There is nothing to organise - all they do is promote the event

Waverley Cinema manages all other aspects of your fundraiser [1].. We provide the online seating plan for ticket sales
[2].. We process the online ticket sales.
[3].. We provide regular reports of ticket sales etc.
[4].. We then remit the Event profit.

How much do Instant Event Tickets Cost?
Instant event group pricing varies from day to day and session to session.
Click on this link to select the day and session that best suits your fundraising needs.

How much can we charge?
We have groups set an Event ticket price as low as $12 and as high as $25.
Much depends on the type of fundraiser.
One suggestion is $15.00 which includes drink on arrival. This provides $5.00 profit per ticket.

We have had events where the the ticket price was $20 and the profit $10.00.
Can we have multiple prices?
Unfortunately No. Our online seating manager requires one Event price.
Most events settle on a price that is midway between the Child and Adult price that they had in mind.
Children three and under are free if they do not occupy a seat.
ie; they will be sitting on their parents` knee.
Can we select the auditorium for our event?
Again unfortunately No. Why ? Because every Monday we have to analyse trading results for the previous weekend and move films to the auditorium that best suits their potential for the playweek commencing the following Thursday.
Just how many tickets your event has sold at that stage will detirmine the auditorium that will host your event.
How much effort is required to set up a Movie Fundraiser?
All you have to do is selct your film-Date and session slot.
THAT`S IT. From that point on we do all of the work apart from the promotion.
It is essential - as with any fundraiser - that you constantly promote the event via Facebook, Compass, Flexibuzz, etc.

You can set one up NOW simply by clicking on this link.

Do we have to commit to a minimum number of tickets sold?
NO !! Most bona fide fundraisers have no problems selling fifteen or more admissions.

However should an event fall short of that number we will always honour the booking rather than disappoint or penalise the few that chose to support the event.
Can we include a "Goody Bag" "Snack Pack" etc in the Event Price?
YES !! You may provide such extras - BUT it must not include hot food or alcohol.
We can provide a foyer table for you to hand these out with the event tickets if required.
How do we know which films will be released in the coming weeks and months?
We are constantly updating our "Coming Soon" page on the website
Can our supporters donate if they cannot attend the event?
YES !! We include a "Donate" button on each Event Seating Plan for those who may not be able to attend your event but still wish to support your cause.
Are there any booking fees or other charges that will impact on our profit?
The only fee is the credit card processing fee of 2.2%.
There is no other charge or fee that will be applied to your event - unless you elect to offer pre-show drinks etc..
Do we have to sell tickets and collect money?
NO !! - That is the reason we created the "Instant Event" concept.
To make fundraising as easy as possible..
Once your event seating plan is "live" Waverley Cinema will manage every aspect of the Fundraiser.

* We monitor the online bookings and process the EFTPOS sales
* We provide almost daily updates (dependent on event activity) and reports to the event organiser
* At the conclusion of the event we remit the event profit as per your instructions.

You do not do anything other than promote your event

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