This is without doubt the easiest way to raise funds

Instead of selecting only one film and session for your fundraising event you now have many more films and sessions to offer your supporters.

You do absolutely nothing other than promote your Virtual Fundraiser to your supporters via your Facebook page or website etc.

We provide you with an online booking platform.
(There is NO minimum number of tickets to be sold)

Each ticket you sell is provided to you at the lowest group price available in Melbourne.

You resell at our normal admission price - OR - you can resell at a premium for extra profits.

We will process your online ticket sales and provide regular updated reports.

At the end of the Fundraiser period (up to 12 weeks), or 50 ticket sales, we will immediately remit the profit and reset the fundraiser.
OR you can progressively draw down on the profit in cash or Movie Passes during that period.

You can have your Fundraiser up and running later today.
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