Internet Bookings

Waverley Cinema allows you to make bookings via our website and is intended for people who book at least two days ahead of time. Because session times are always subject to change at short notice it is not practicable to offer advance bookings over a long period of time.
In view of this only confirmed sessions are offered for bookings - this will vary according to programming options at the time.
These bookings are much like phone bookings, the best-available-seats seats are reserved for you to purchase when you arrive at the cinema.

Internet bookings are provided free of charge.

Simply fill out an easy online form detailing the numbers of seats you need and the session you want to attend. Once your booking has been processed we will send you a confirmation note via email. This confirmation can be printed if desired, but is not required to purchase tickets.


  • Internet Bookings can only be made through the Waverley Cinema Website.
  • Bookings must be made at least two days prior to the screening date,
    • Example: A screening on Wednesday must be booked on, or before Tuesday
  • We will email you a response within 24 hrs.
  • If there are good seats available we will book those seats under your surname and send you a booking confirmation via email. If there is a problem or concern with your request we will be in touch either via email, or we will phone and talk with you about your options.
  • Seating is guaranteed, providing seats are available.
  • Bookings are not deemed valid until you have received a confirmation email.
  • As with all bookings at Waverley Cinema, we ask you to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the advertised show time, and remind you that after show time, unpurchased seats will be sold to people on a waiting list.
  • Bookings with special requirements (eg wheel chair access) should be made via a phone booking so that we can be sure that the correct arrangements are met and discussed for your particular needs.

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