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The Waverley Cinema was originally designed as a theatre-restaurant over forty years ago. Mr Chris Bedelis of Waverley Road, Mount Waverley, constructed the building along with the row of shops connected to the cinema.

The Theatre-Restaurant complex was to be a two-part business. The licensed restaurant on the first floor was to be run by former Waverley councillor Doug Mayson. While the ground floor cinema was to be managed by film equipment supplier Brian Jean. Brian Jean of Mount Waverley and his family have run the cinema since itís opening in 1974.

Shown here is Mr Brian Jean, Standing on the grass and shrubbery that will one day become the Waverley Cinema, thatís Coles in the background. (Picture taken from Waverley Gazette, Wednesday June 13, 1973)

The Plan for the complex is shown below, at this point the cinema and car parking permits had been obtained, but the restaurant was still obtaining their license. (Picture also taken from Waverley Gazette, Wednesday June 13, 1973)

Finally the framework of the building is laid down and a new cinema is born.

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