Waverley Cinema has been catering to needs of the elderly,disabled and special needs members of the local community since 1974

We have long been a favorite of local community service groups because of our ground level entrance and immediate access to the two wheelchair parking bays located just outside our front doors.
Up until the year 1999 we only operated a single 300 seat auditorium which serviced all of the special needs of community groups and individual patrons.

At that stage it was evident in order to remain a viable community service we had to increase the number of screens at the site - as was the trend worldwide.

At the same time we had to be able to continue to service our community groups and inividual patrons with special needs.

The ground floor level was split into two auditoriums and the upper level restaurant was converted into two small auditoriums.
Two new Cinemas 1 & 2 were created on the ground floor level with each having two wheel chair positions at rear of auditoriums.
At the same time a new special needs toilet area was included in the redevelopment.
The upstairs redevelopment presented some challenges..
Our wheel chair lift of choice was not permitted by the building regulations of the time because of height clearance requirements.
But we were permitted to install our faithful stairlifter.
This chair works daily to transport those patrons who cannot negotiate the steps up to the theatrettes.
Patrons who can move out of wheelchairs are taken up in the chair to be reunited with their wheel chair which has been taken up by their carer. (Wheelchair type permitting)
The two upstairs auditoriums included accommodation for wheel chairs from the design stage
Two seats on the lower level of each auditorium were specified to be removable.
All programming information in print or online includes the auditorium number alongside each session.

Any session with a `1` or `2` indicating the auditorium number provides full wheelchair access.

Any session with a `3` or `4` indicating the auditorium number provides limited access to the theatrettes as detailed above.

All programming generally rotates across all auditoriums to provide ample opportunity for our special needs patrons to be able access the auditorium they require.